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If you are a wholesaler looking for a buyer for your next real estate deal, contact Local Guy Buys Houses today. We partner with wholesalers to secure real estate deals with buyers across the U.S. We can assess the property’s value, make an offer on the house, and pay cash, giving you the flexibility you need to close the deal with the seller.

With Local Guy Buys Houses, you have a buyer you can trust to offer a fair price and follow through with the deal. If we make an offer, we will follow through with it to closing. We work with wholesalers and motivated home sellers. So, we understand the importance of building trust and partnerships that work in your favor.

To learn more about how to close your real estate deal fast with our buyers, contact Local Guy Buys Houses. Call 855-205-5999 today to get a fast cash offer.

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Brokering a Deal with LGBH Is Easier Than Ever

As the person who brokers a real estate deal between the seller and the buyer, you may have to jump through several hoops to secure the real estate and sell it to the buyer. At Local Guy Buys Houses, our goal is to simplify the process with a cash sale. 

We can buy the house as-is and pay cash, which means the seller simply signs the paperwork and walks away. Our process involves the following steps.

Step 1: Contact Us About Your Current Contract

If you’re looking for a buyer interested in your latest contract, contact Local Guy Buys Houses and tell us about your current contract.

Step 2: We Appraise the Property

We can schedule a walkthrough of the property or appraise the property online. We appraise the property based on various factors and then determine how much we want to pay for it.

Step 3: Get a Free, No-Obligation Offer

Once we commit to a purchase, we will make an offer on the property. We understand that timing is important in wholesaling. So we will make an offer within 24 to 48 hours of looking at the property.

Step 4: We Open Escrow

After you accept our cash offer, we open escrow & get started right away so that we can close on your property quickly!

Step 5: You Get Paid

If you accept our offer, we pay you and then begin the process of closing on the house with the seller. We simplify the closing process and, in many cases, pay up to 100 percent of the closing costs.

We Buy Houses As-Is Regardless of the Situation

As a wholesaler, you may work with motivated sellers who have difficulty selling their houses due to being in tight situations. As such, you may have trouble finding a buyer for the house. Local Guy Buys Houses pays cash for houses as-is. A cash home sale provides more flexibility, allowing you to broker the deal quickly. We work with motivated sellers in these and other situations.

Contact Us for a Fast Cash Offer

If you are looking for a cash buyer for your contract, we are prepared to make an offer. Contact Local Guy Buys Houses and schedule a quick walkthrough or appraisal of the property. Call 855-205-5999 today to get a fast cash offer.

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