March 4, 2022

Can I Still Sell My House If It Has Been Condemned?

If your local city or county government condemned your house, you could still sell your house as-is for cash. Selling your house to a company that buys houses can get you out of the property and may allow you to capitalize on an otherwise dire situation. You simply need to find a local home buyer willing to make a fast cash offer and close the sale quickly. 

The buyer will appraise your house at its current market value - which, if it has been condemned, is probably pretty low. However, you may still get a pretty good offer regardless of the property's condition. At this point, any cash offer can be a good one if it helps you get away from the problem of dealing with the government.

What Is a Condemned House?

A condemned property is a house that the local government has shut down or restricted due to legal issues or safety concerns. In most cases, the house is a threat to public health or public safety. Some examples may include

  • The house does not meet local building codes.
  • The property attracts squatters or vandals.
  • The house may contain environmental hazards.
  • The occupants in the house have not repaired damage that endangers them.
  • The house is the scene of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Whatever the reason for the shut-down, the situation is severe enough that the government has to prevent people from entering the property. Local authorities may have seized the house indefinitely until the issues are resolved, or a more suitable owner purchases the property.

Can I Sell My Condemned Property?

Yes, you can still sell your condemned property. However, to do so, you may have to follow certain conditions or procedures imposed by your local authority or your lender if the house is still under a mortgage. There are two ways to sell a condemned property.

1. Fix the Problem, Sell Your House

Your house has been condemned for a specific reason. If you don’t fix it, you can’t sell it. Once the local government has acknowledged that you fixed it, you can list it on the market and sell it.

2. Sell Your House As-Is for Cash

It is possible to sell a condemned house as-is. A company that buys houses may be willing to pay cash for your house and buy it in its current condition. A local home buyer can work through any legal issues. For instance, they may commit to buying the house under the condition that they fix the problems after you close the sale. 

Why a Cash Home Sale Is a Great Deal for You

In a cash sale, the buyer assumes all responsibility for the problems before buying the house. That means you can close the sale, sign the paperwork, and walk away with no strings attached. You get the government and the lender (if applicable) off your back, and you can get a fresh start in a new house. 

There are several reasons why a cash sale is a great option.

  • You make no repairs or upgrades to the property.
  • You no longer have to worry about any penalties for the condemned property.
  • Close the sale in as little as seven to 21 days.
  • Pay no closing costs or realtor commissions.
  • Work with a pre-qualified, dependable buyer that can guide you through the process.

The process of selling your house is easy. Contact a local home buyer or company that buys houses in your area. Schedule a quick walkthrough of the property. Get a fast cash offer from the buyer. Accept the offer and schedule a close date. Sign the paperwork at close and pick up your check. The buyer will pay up to 100 percent of the closing costs. That’s it!

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